Square Cat Vinyl

Monthly Poster Design

Square Cat Vinyl promotes multiple in-store shows and events every month that they need posters for. We worked together to figure out what they need on a monthly basis and came up with a monthly fee that works for their budget and needs. They wanted a design that was simple and consistent with their branding.

Bigfoot Yancey/Luke Knight/Jeff Kelly

T-Shirt Design/Illustration

Many bands just starting out want to keep their merchandise affordable. By sticking with 1-color designs these 3 bands were able to get some t-shirts and tote bags printed on a budget. It's always a fun challenge to keep a design 1-color!

Virginia Avenue Folk Fest

Event Design

The Virginia Avenue Folk Fest if a free all day event with a hundred bands on 13 stages, art and food vendors, and more all along Virginia Avenue, in Fountain Square and Fletcher Place. Since the start I have volunteered my time for the Folk Fest, creating all of the graphics and maintaining the website (and even organizing volunteers one year). I design everything from the logo, posters, social media posts, banners, brochures, yard signs, t-shirts, and the website. It's a true labor of love!

Various Posters + Flyers